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Hi! I'm Dan, a consulting software developer specializing in Python and (mostly front-end) Javascript. I've been working in software for a little over a decade, including five years as a full time professional software developer.

As someone that has worked across product sales, management and development, I understand the big picture, and that good software is about more than just technology.

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Consulting Software Developer

Lucid Horizons Pty Ltd
Python JavaScript Django GraphQL Docker Virtualisation

Consulting and software development for clients and projects, including:

  • Satellite Operator in Australia: Timezone-aware Internet Subscriber Quota Management solution
  • WiFi Tribe Co-Living: Bookings and Membership web application
  • Fixed Broadband Operator in Australia: Automation tools, reporting/analytics, and consulting as prt of NBN network equipment rollout
  • Large multi-campus university: Captive Portal Internet Quota Management solution
  • Mobile Operator in Asia: Mobile Networks integration including custom built software for RADIUS accounting
October 2015 - Present

Product Architect

Procera Networks
Python JavaScript TCP/IP Dev Ops Product Mgmt Virtualisation

Challenging role working across both Product and Development teams in a relatively small startup-type environment:

  • Ran NPI (New Product Introduction) project for design and development of virtualization/NFV product
  • Represented the vendor at ETSI ISG meetings to help develop the specification for Network Function Virtualization
  • Worked with field teams on early PoC and deployments of virtual platform
  • Worked with Business Development and Marketing to evangelise NFV to the industry and customers
  • Deployed and managed Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence) for dev and product teams
  • Built custom release reporting and dashboards, leveraging Jira, Confluence and other Dev Ops tools and data
  • Helped develop early prototypes of subscriber management product, and guide design and development of second and third generation product design
October 2011 - October 2015

Technical Director, Asia-Pacific

Procera Networks
Python TCP/IP Professional Services Pre-Sales Management

Hired and led a team of five pre-sales and post-sales engineers in Asia-Pacific:

  • Team leadership - ran team calls, handled issues and escalated
  • Worked with Sales to assign resources to projects
  • Led several high profile deployment projects at large telecom operators in Asia
April 2010 - October 2011

Solution Engineer, Asia-Pacific

Procera Networks
Python TCP/IP Professional Services Pre-Sales

Hired on as first technical resource in Asia-Pacific, to help build the region:

  • Worked in lean startup mode with sales manager to build business in Asia-Pacific
  • Developed several large accounts through pre-sales and post-sales processes
  • Ran deployment including substantial professional services work at a large mobile operator in SE Asia
  • Helped take the business from less than $200k to over $2M annuanl revenue in three years
April 2007 - April 2010

Systems Programmer

Victoria University
Python PHP TCP/IP Cisco IOS F5 Big-IP MS-SQL

Built software to help automate aspects of IT Networks and Client Services department operations:

  • Built PHP based IP Address Management solution, reduced administrative load on CS department
  • Built application for tracking and charging back per-department/faculty Internet costs
  • Built applications to monitor and manage thousands of switches and routers across 13 campuses
  • Helped Application Services team to integrate and deploy new services such as student portal, student database, etc
January 2004 - March 2007


Systems Thinking I have experience analysing and considering development within the context of the bigger picture, both from an interdependency perspective as well as how business processes will interact with the new software.
Communication Having worked in product sales, management, and development, I can relate particularly well when working with people across all of these areas of the business.
Attention to Detail My personality type tends towards attention to detail, and this helps me to be excellent at scoping requirements for projects more precisely.
Professional Pride I have a strong sense of professional pride and responsibility towards the work I deliver for my clients, and this is reflected in how important it is to me to make sure that my work delivers the goals that we set out to achieve.
Primary Programming Languages and Tools
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Programming and Markup Languages





Shell Script

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Digital Ocean





Secondary Languages and Tools
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React Native


Google Cloud



I'm a self-confessed geek, and as such I spend at least a portion of my personal time still in front of a computer, working on personal projects. When time and circumstance allows, I'm an avid sailor, and I try to get away for at least a week of sailing every year.

Art and history from cultures other than my own fascinate me. I've spent many a day exploring museums and galleries in cities around the world as I travel.

I'm also a keen reader, particularly science fiction and fantasy. For every non-fiction book I read, I'll probably read at least twenty or thirty fiction novels.


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Timezone-aware Internet Quota Management


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Bookings and Membership for WiFi Tribe Co


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Reports and Analytics


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Network Function Virtualization Platform


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GGSN AAA Integration Project


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Job Finder Board


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In-house Network Management Systems