The last few months have been…a lot.

  • Had a good time staying with some friends in Bali, working remotely from there for a number of weeks
  • Caught some non-covid respiratory infection, developed bronchitis, got very very sick for a while
  • After about a month of recovering, finally started to get back into gear, but didn’t start blogging again…

And now we’re back to the regular schedule…maybe? Let’s see how it goes.


I made it to Europe! A long flight from Melbourne to London via Singapore and Dubai, then a night to recover and a train from London to Edinburgh. In the coming week, I’ll be attending DjangoCon Europe 2023 and meeting some cool people.

Client Work

Taking a small break from client work; the main UI project is mostly done and deployed, but there is some areas that need more work. Forms are hard. Also badly need to get some decent E2E tests reintroduced…I’ve got the structure in place for playwright, now I just need to actually write the tests.

Open Source

I’ve had no time for this…but hopefully I can put some time into this and my own projects during the sprints at DjangoCon.