So it looks like my travel plans for the year are firming up: - DjangoCon Europe in Edinburgh in the start of June. - A month with WiFi Tribe in Valencia. - Cost and time allowing, trips to Portugal, Germany, and maybe Sweden to visit friends. - Very tentatively; considering a trip to Banskjo around the time of Nomadfest, but still on the fence for that.

Then towards the tail of European summer, it’ll be back home to Australia for a bit, and then I really hope I can spend a few months on an island in Thailand somewhere.

Client Work

The grind continues - working through UI issues, getting tables built and filtering functionality. I’ve been making a lot of use of django-tables2 with custom tailwindcss templates, to replace jquery datatables stuff from the older Bootstrap theme.

So far, I’m really happy with the results. I’m still working out how to get a more responsive UI with django-tables2, either using HTMX or django-unicorn, but to be honest that part is pretty low priority; the app runs fast as it is, and I’m not even sure how much a responsive UI with a bunch of javascript to update things without a page refresh will really matter.

Open Source


Still no time for this, but I’m very hopeful once the big chunk of client work is finished this week, I’ll start to have more time again.

My projects

Just a little side project work at the moment; one thing I’m exploring is django-unicorn and Jinja2 templating. It doesn’t support it, but it doesn’t seem impossible to add support, so I’m going to see if I can work that out.